Digital Photography & Graphics: Unsplash, Phlearn

Unsplash – Free High-Resolution Photos –

Founded 3 years ago as a humble Tumblr blog, Unsplash has grown into an industry-leading photography community. It’s become a source of inspiration for everyone from award-winning writers like Deepak Chopra to industry-titans like Apple, and millions of creators worldwide.

I came across Unsplash while searching for exactly what the photography community which makes up Unsplash is for: free access to High-Resolution digital photographs. Initially, I was interested in finding an image for use with the Zapotech Design website (as a background image). However, after discovering the awesomeness of rich photography on Unsplash, I’ve already signed up for an account (quick & simple with the Login with Facebook option) and will be back!

Here are the first three photos I downloaded (click one of the photos to visit my Unsplash collection to find more work from the Photographers):

by Clem Onojeghuof:
Photographer: Clem Onojeghuof

by Freddy Castro:
Photographer: Freddy Castro

by Steinar Engeland:
Photographer: Steinar Engeland

Phlearn – The #1 Photoshop Tutorial Site in The World –

Phlearn is an education platform for people who want to connect with real instructors who have mastered their craft and want to share their thousands of hours of experience with you.

Phlearn is a community of people who are not afraid of the world of Photoshop & Photography. The Phlearn community (known as the Phamily) genuinely cares about each other and we help each other out!

The article that led me to learn of Phlearn: How To Create a Cinemagraph- Part 1