Here is a collection of resources I’ve found useful through searching the web for various HTML, CSS, PHP & Design tricks.

How to Make a Bootable Flash Installer of OS X or macOS – by Tom Nelson

How to Make a Bootable Flash installer of OS X or macOS – by Tom Nelson – on Lifewire (Updated October 4, 2017) The process of installing OS X or macOS on a Mac hasn’t changed a great deal since OS X Lion changed the delivery of the OS from optical disks to electronic downloads, […]

Using the Snapseed App

My Father is a photographer and also uses Instagram, and I decided to check out the Snapseed app after wondering what his frequently-used #snapseed Hashtag was all about. Snapseed, a Google project by Nik Software, is a fairly easy-to-learn photo editing app, for your mobile devices (according to Macworld, it is available for Mac–though the […]

In-Page Smooth Scroll Animation to Anchor Script

If you have a page with links to sections within the same web page, here is a ready-to-go jQuery script for performing smooth transitions that scroll (rather than jump immediately) to the link’s destination within the page. Remember to include <script> … </script> tags before and after the below script and insert the code to […]

The Random Image on the “Loading” Screen

The “Loading” Screen or “Preloader” image that appears briefly before each page on this site has loaded, comes from implementing a few different methods (and from different coding thinkers). Here, I’ll show you a little about how the one used in the Eminence theme works…

Digital Photography & Graphics: Unsplash, Phlearn

Unsplash – Free High-Resolution Photos –
Phlearn – The #1 Photoshop Tutorial Site in The World –

CSS: Style External Links Differently, Box Shadow Generator, Text Shadow Generator

“Style External Links Differently” by Paul Underwood, 12th March 2014
Article URL:
Box Shadow Generator by CSSmatic, “The ultimate CSS tools for web designers”
Text Shadow Generator by

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